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Notice to Trustees & Affidavit of Service

Notice to Trustees & Affidavit of Service


A Notice to Trustees is a document*, when changes are being made to your pension as part of family law proceedings, that needs to be served on the Trustees of your pension, filed in the Court and served on the other party.**


The price will include an Affidavit of Service document that you need to arrange to be signed and witnessed with a solicitor / Commissioner of Oaths before filing in the Court. 


**The document will be emailed as a printable PDF file with full instructions. If you require a hard copy to be posted please select your preferred delivery option at checkout.


** You will need to provide full pension details including address of Trutees, your address, ex's / solicitors address, the Circuit Court the proceedings are taking place in and the Court Record Number. Full instructions will be emailed with your document. For the Affidavit of Service you will need to email a scan or clear photo of the post receipts, this will be fully outlined with the intructions.


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