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Affidavit of Welfare

Affidavit of Welfare


A sworn legal document providing the Circuit Court with details of the current arrangements for any dependent children. An Affidavit of Welfare is required in all circumstances for Divorce / Judicial Separation etc where there are dependent children. Once your Affidavit is prepared you are required to have it signed and witnessed with either a Solicitor or a Commissioner of Oaths. Hugh Condron hughcondron hugh condron

  • Requirements for your Affidavit

    You will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire to complete in order to provide us with the information required to prepare your Affidavit of Welfare. Once your fully completed questionnaire is returned we will prepare a draft for you to review. When you are happy with the document we will then email the final and complete Affidavit to you with full instructions on how to file and serve it. Dependent on workloads we will do our best to have your draft ready to review within 24hrs of receiving your fully completed questionnaire.

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