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Entry of Appearance

Entry of Appearance


A document required in the Circuit Court for Divorce, Judicial Separation or Cohabitation proceedings. Once you are served with papers for any of the above and you intend to contest / defend your case or just acknowledge receipt of the papers to the Court, you need to file an Entry of Appearance*. This simply means you acknowledge receipt of the documents.


*The document will be emailed as a printable PDF file with full instructions. If you require a hard copy to be posted please select your preferred delivery option at checkout.


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  • NOTE

    If you intend to enter an Appearance and more than ten days has passed since you were served the initial paperwork from your ex or their solicitor you will need a letter from them agreeing to the late entry of an appearance. This can be done by emailing or writing to them requesting the letter. This is normal pratice.  When you receive the letter it needs to be attached to your Entry of Appearance.

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