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Property Folio Files from €15

Property Folio Files from €15

This is a part of the property register* with its own distinct number on which details of the property, its ownership and any burdens affecting it appear.

Map (s): The original Ordnance Survey and other maps with all registered property delineated on them.


From a Family Law perspective property folios are essential to find out exactly who owns the property or how the ownership is divided and whether or not there have been any judgements made against the property, in particular to recover outstanding debts.


*Please note not all properties have been registered. If this is the case and no folio currently exsists, you will be informed and a full refund given.


  • Choose your preferred option at checkout.

    Pdf File of the property Folio €15

    Pdf File of Certified copy of property folio €50

    Pdf file of Certified copy of property folio & map €55

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